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Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Procedure

In traditional hip replacement surgery, an incision is made along the posterior aspect of the thigh and buttocks. The posterior approach typically requires a longer incision, detachment of muscle and soft tissues, and includes a longer rehabilitation period. Furthermore, hip dislocation precautions are necessary to reduce the risk of the ball dislocating from the socket. This means the patient must avoid crossing their legs or flexing the hip beyond 90 degrees.


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See What Our Patients & Their Families Have To Say?

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive Orthopaedic Care in a compassionate and caring environment.

Thank you Dr. Shapiro, so much for answering all my questions prior to my knee replacement surgery. I waited as long as I could before having my procedure since I work on my feet and knee to move about as much as possible. But one day I knelt down and the pain in my knee just shot up like a bolt of lightening and I knew it was time to get it done. You were so kind to spend as much time as I needed to answer all my pre-surgery questions. And you were very honest with me regarding what to expect from my new knee replacement.

Many thanks and I wish you and your great staff all the very best!!

Judy, Dr. James Shapiro - Kenosha Orthopedics
Hi Dr. Shapiro. I can’t thank you enough for all you did to get me back on my feet after you performed my double knee replacement back on Jan 8 2013, I have been able to regain my mobility – going for longer walks and standing up for long periods of time, pain free.
Mark, Dr. James Shapiro
Thank you Dr. Shapiro for providing my son Jeffrey with a great internship experience several summers ago when he was trying to decide what his professional major was going to be.

Fortunately for me, a few years later, when I was experiencing hip pain in both my hips, and based on my son’s raving review of his time spent with you and your team, I knew just who I wanted to see to resolve my issues.

I am so grateful to you and your team for all your patience and guidance during my hip replacement experience. I am now able to return to the work and travel I so enjoyed before my hip pain.

Janet, Dr. James Shapiro - Kenosha Orthopedics
Thank you Dr. Shapiro for a great experience with my left total hip surgery, which you performed two years ago, and went absolutely perfectly, on my one year anniversary everything looked completely fine and it feels great. And then in October 2013, you replaced my right hip and a couple of days ago I had my two year and one year exam and x-ray and everything looks great.

You have been extremely professional and very helpful through this whole experience. You answered all my questions,spent as much time with me as needed to explain what the procedure and rehabilitation process would be, and I am very grateful for finding you and continue to wish you all the best.

Billie, Dr. James Shapiro
Our entire family has been privileged to meet you and have you as our Orthopedic Surgeon. When my wife Sheila fell during a trip to New York a few years ago, the local hospital patched her up until she could get home to Kenosha and have you complete the knee cap repair properly.

You repaired my torn meniscus many years ago and I felt so very comfortable having you perform my bi-lateral knee replacement and replacing both my knees last June (2103). The advice you provided before my procedures, including how important it was to strengthen my knees and legs prior to surgery was so important to how quickly I recovered from the procedure. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to walk the next day in the hospital and begin my post-surgical physical therapy.

All my friends were amazed at how quickly I was able to get back on my feet and become active again. I was so excited that I could return to the gym and enjoy the elliptical equipment again as well as.

But the best of all is, I am pain free. Thank you so much for everything!!

Ron and Sheila, Dr. James Shapiro - Kenosha Orthopedics