Hip Conditions

Normally, all of the parts of the hip joint work together and the joint moves easily and without pain. However, disease or injury can disturb the normal functioning of a joint, which can result in hip pain, muscle weakness, and limited movement.

Joint degeneration can eventually make it extremely difficult for individuals to function at work or enjoy themselves pursuing hobbies and recreational activities. It also can make it difficult for individuals to care for themselves.  Dr. James Shapiro, board-certified orthopedic specialist will assess and diagnose your hip condition.  

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Hip Treatments

Dr. Shapiro approach his recommendations to patient with a conservative, non-surgical approach and only when all other treatments are not correcting the condition will he recommend surgical treatment.  Some conditions may be so serious that surgical treatment is the only recommendation but Dr. Shapiro will always discuss your treatment options thoroughly with you to allow you the opportunity to make the  most informed decision regarding your hip care.

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