Sports Medicine

Sports-Related Injuries

Sports injuries  (Sports Medicine Conditions) are specific types of injuries sustained during sports or other exercise, usually affecting the musculoskeletal system or the muscles, bones and cartilage. Proper training, protective equipment and other precautions can often prevent sports injuries.

Many people play sports in some way or another, whether they are playing for fun in their backyard or competitively on a team. Exercising by playing sports can be very beneficial to your health, but sometimes these benefits to your health are outweighed by negative things, such as an injury. The severity of these injuries can range from minor to very serious, with some injuries requiring surgery to fully heal.

These injuries may be caused from poor training practices, improper equipment, flawed techniques, or may just be an accident. Injuries can also occur when a person is not properly conditioned to play the sport, such as not warming up or stretching muscles beforehand.

Dr. James Shapiro brings a very deep clinical knowledge to every sports injury assessment due to his long-standing history treating sports-related injuries.

Dr. Shapiro and his team assist active individuals and athletes of all abilities who need to address sports-related pain and dysfunction.

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